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About Tiff

My fitness Journey started long before I realized it did. Being active all threw out my adolescent years I realized my passion for helping others after the birth of my oldest son. Putting myself threw school with a new born son, I got straight to work. It started in my back garage and I quickly out grew that. Certified as a personal trainer I started adding to my portfolio. Turbo Kick, Piyo, Insanity, Combat, Step Aerobics, TRX, Barre Above, Group Training, Bootcamp. That all adds up to 10 years’ experience in the field. I have worked with all ages, shapes, weight loss, injury’s, rehab, strength training, competition prep and much more. I have also personally been on stage competing in 4 NPC body building shows. In the middle of all this I realized how crucial nutrition was. Going back to school I became a certified nutritionist. That led me into Meal Planning and prepping for clients.

Turbo by Tiff meal prep is an inspiration of my lifestyle and eating habits passed on to my clients and customers. As a personal trainer and nutritionist I have worked with countless individuals to develop a healthier lifestyle. Along with meal plans came meal prepping for my clients, with that I developed the “no excuses” program. I will plan for you and do the cooking!!!! Turbo by Tiff meal prep uses the freshest and best ingredients available in the market; never frozen meals will last in proper refrigeration for 7 days and come in a microwaveable sealed container. My meals can also be frozen and eaten at a future date. Portioned and balanced for good nutrition will help you with eating and living healthier. I understand time is very had to come by in most lifestyles, being the mom of two young boys has taught me to plan for my meals and having them ready to go keeps me healthy and fit. Contact me with any questions that you may have and I look forward to exceeding your expectations with our food.