Class Types

Englewood, Florida

If you’ve made it to this page in your fitness quest, you are ready for a high intense, high cardio, kickboxing rocking work out. TURBO KICK is kick boxing meets hip hop dance and throw in a little funk. You will not have a dry spot on you when you are done. It’s fast paced workout set  to great music to keep you moving for a full 60 min. We start off with warm up go right into a full 30 min of CARDIO then hit our TURBO round. Follow it up with recovery then some cool down.   Turbo Kick  was created by Chalene Johnson in the early 1990’s and has sky rocketed into main stream fitness. You can check her out at and see all of the amazing things she has to offer.


My BOOTCAMP is for all ages  and fitness levels, Do not let the name scare you away. There is  just the right amount of explosive cardio drill’s paired with serious body weight exercises. Not a runner, no problem i can show you the correct way to start running and before you no it you will be finding yourself running more.  I am constantly adding new ideas and formats so you are forever using different muscle groups.  We sculpt lean  muscle while also getting a great cardiovascular workout in.  Do not be afraid to jump into this class head first. you will LOVE the results that you will see.


Are you ready for the most Insane work out you can do. INSANITY is where its at. The name says it all. You will push yourself beyond where you thought you could go. This highly effective  cardio interval training workout is ran in 6 week sessions. If you show up an dig deep you will see the results!  Please note this is a HIGH IMPACT program. Beginners are welcome an modifications are offered.


Remember always check with your physician before starting any new exercise program.

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Looking forward to seeing all of you !